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Asterisk Jigsaw Puzzles

A recent redesign from Opencart to WordPress saw this Northumberland E-commerce business's sales massively increase.

Asterisk Jigsaw Puzzles stock a huge range of jigsaws and puzzling accessories at the best prices. From children’s to adult puzzles, the latest Jan van Haasteren jigsaws to Wasgijs, there is a puzzle for everyone!

Their website used to run on the Opencart platform but WordPress and Woocommerce would give them more functionality and more flexibility in terms of design.

The website uses bold bright colours to reflect their brand and ties in nicely with their products. Some great features include:

  • A huge collection of puzzles organised into lots of categories
  • Custom product filters
  • Customer loyalty / reward points earned with every purchase
  • Wishlist
  • Purchase Gift Cards


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