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How Google Works

Google begins by crawling the web. Because there is no centralised registry of all web resources in the world, Google must explore the entire web on a regular basis. To accomplish this, Google employs automated software known as a web crawler, also known as Googlebot. Googlebot roams the Internet on a regular basis, looking for […]

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Google Maps ranking

How to rank on Google maps

Ranking factors for Google Maps Because they are all tied to location, both yours and the searcher’s, Google Maps ranking criteria are also known as local ranking factors. The three key local ranking factors, according to Google’s documentation, are: Relevance refers to how closely your company matches the user’s query. The distance between you and

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page speed for SEO clock image

SEO guide to page speed

Google has historically used page speed as a ranking factor. Beginning with the initial announcement in 2010, and then reinforcing it with a new update in 2018, and finally sealing the deal with the introduction of Core Web Vitals in 2020. We’ll look at what page speed is today, how to measure it, and, most

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